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Getting into OBDII info

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Getting into OBDII info

Postby Numptee86 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:11 pm

Hey all,

So I bought myself an OBD plug (one of the wifi OBDLink ones, works a charm) and a copy of Torque Pro on my phone....I'm trying to find out as much as I can about using it to display certain bits of info on my phone, but I'm a: pretty lost, and b: overloaded with questions...hopefully others on here have played around with this, I noticed there hadn't been many recent posts but here goes anyway:

1: I have the "Current Drive Cycle Status" info block displayed:

    Fuel System
    Heated Catalyst
    Evaporative Sys.
    Secondary Air Sys
    A/C Refrigerant
    O2 Sensor
    O2 Sensor Heater
    EGR System

I usually notice that O2 sensor can take a while to say complete (out of 'not avail', incomplete and complete) when turning warming the car up as I'm guessing the sensor has to heat up (are standard o2 sensors narrow or wide band?) Driving home today I was looking at that page and it took a solid 10 minutes of driving home to change over to complete as i was pulling up outside. I turned it off for maybe 5 minutes, then went for another drive and it was back to saying incomplete (as well as the catalyst) and didnt change over to complete in the 5 minutes i drove around the block. Surely the system would have been hot enough to use the sensor straight away...so how come it stayed incomplete? I'm getting bad fuel economy at the moment, 390km to a tank of 98 from full to the warning light... just a thought.

2: I had both ambient and intake air temp come up in my list of available PIDs, so i put both on but noticed they change identically, so i can only assume (by comparing the number to the ambient air temp displayed on the cluster) that it is actually intake air temp? Does anyone know where there sensor is? I'm guessing post-I/C?

3: I also had transmission temp show up as an available PID at one point, but i noticed the oil temp was matching to the engine coolant temp suspisciously well...is it trying to access the wrong part of the ECU for that information, getting confused, and showing coolant temp as trans oil temp? Can someone possibly explain how we get something like that up? I know it comes down to custom PIDs, but has anyone ever published a list of things that can be displayed in an RA/Evo?

4: Can anyone tell me if the following info can be displayed:
    Transmission temperature
    Oil pressure (I'm guessing this is unlikely)
    radiator fan relay (as in are they running or not)
    A/C system relay (same deal as above)
    Current SST gear (Would I be right in thinking that can be done in Torque Pro by using a formula to analyse RPM against road speed to work out likely gear?)

5: Can anybody recommend a good place for info on setting up more things to display with Torque?

Annndd breatheeeeee.... :)

thats all...

... for now

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Re: Getting into OBDII info

Postby Mystique » Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:58 pm

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Re: Getting into OBDII info

Postby Lancer1993 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 6:11 pm

I'm hoping this works with my new Android HU when I get it, nice party piece when I take her in for the next service :D
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Re: Getting into OBDII info

Postby CJsportback » Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:34 pm

390km to a tank is a significant drop from normal, how old is the car? O2 sensors do take some time to warm up however after the vehicle has been running for a while it should operate normally pretty fast. It may definitely be worth looking in to, what you've described sounds like the O2 sensor is getting stuck in 'open loop', this is the state the sensor is in when the engine is cold or in the event of a failure. Instead of taking readings from the sensor the ECU will use preset fuel maps, open loop mode will mean your engine is running excessively rich and that could explain your poor mileage. Is there any voltage reading available on the O2 sensor reading or is it only 'complete' & incomplete?

I'm not sure about Lancers but the ambient temp sensor is generally in the grille area of the front bumper, someone who has taken apart their front end can confirm this but it should be somewhere in that region, it's strange that they're reading the same, the air intake temp should differentiate from the ambient temp..usually it should read between 5-15c above ambient.

It's normal for the transmission temperature to be the same as the ECT, remember that it's engine coolant running through the trans cooler so the numbers should be very similar if not the same.

I can't help with the rest as I've never played with Torque Pro before. I hope I've helped a little.

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