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Looking at buying evo

Let Us Help You Decide What To Purchase.

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Looking at buying evo

Postby dorzy17 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:23 pm

hey all,
I currently own a new lancer CF 2.4L and looking at buying some type of evo later this year as i get my full lience :D
Just a couuple of questions. Would anyone know how much insurace will cost me? Ill be 20 years old and never had a crash or anything. Would be nice to find an evo that has little to zero mods done to it with some what low kms. An evo 8 would what i would love to buy but if there is something else ouut there to buy that wouuuld be better ill be happy to look into it more. Body work im not too worry about as im a spray painter and will be looking at doing a full respray at some point. Is it still worth buying an evo or should i just get something else??? Any tips about buuying an evo and what to look out for would be really good too :D

thanks :D

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Re: Looking at buying evo

Postby lancerdarryl » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:53 pm

At your age insurance is going to kill you....ring up a few insurance companies and get a couple of quotes.As for finding a low klm unmodified Evo I wish you luck.Just remember they have all been driven " enthusiastically " and the upkeep is expensive.
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Re: Looking at buying evo

Postby vitaliy.yavorskiy » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:21 pm

Hello, I can share my practice, before buying a car, I study it on the Internet, then go to the salon, try a new one for a test drive, watch reviews and before my decision I take a week, and maybe more, for example, on account of the evolution , I googled NU car rental LAS, then read the reviews and features, I found (https://rental24h.com/usa/las-vegas-airport/nu) there too, and I picked up the Evo and when 2 weeks go and find out what problems . sores and maybe it's not worth it.

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