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Possible MAF Sensor issue

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Re: Possible MAF Sensor issue

Postby VRXblack » Fri Aug 27, 2021 4:29 pm

Sorry for re-birthing an old thread.
So a slight update on an old thread, So last year my car was up for its 90k major which i decided to take along to Mitsi to get it done and also get them to have a look at this issue. When telling the rep there and showing a video of the issue he mentioned that he may have figured it out and cleaned the MAF sensor and as much of the throttle body he could without taking it off.
So after getting it back things were so much better for about a month and then I was back to square one.
Had talked with Mitsubishi and they recommended a full clean by taking off the manifold which they quoted me about $600+
I know probably getting the whole thing is the smart move but a little too rich for me for the time being.

Fast forward to a month ago, booked my car in for its yearly service and have its spark plugs changed as they were due. Took to my local mechanic and ended up mentioning the issue i had and said to start small by just cleaning out the throttle body for an extra $80 and see how it goes from there.

So got my car back, mechanic mentioned they took the throttle body off and gave it a massive clean and said it definitely was dirty. They also did a re-learn at the same time and i have to admit so far it has been running so much better. Morning startups are a lot quicker, smoother and definitely louder (hehe). Acceleration when driving is so much better, feel like there is more power than before, actually feels like i have my car back when i first bought her hehe.
My issues while driving have also gone away, where coming to a stop my revs sit well over 600rpm. They normally come to around 700 and then slowly sits around the 600ish rpm without if feeling like struggling like it was before where it was dipping down to 500rpm...

Fingers cross this will last but at least now i feel like i have my car back.
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Re: Possible MAF Sensor issue

Postby lancerdarryl » Fri Aug 27, 2021 5:39 pm

Good to hear,it’s alway good to get feedback on problems.
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Re: Possible MAF Sensor issue

Postby bumblebee » Fri Aug 27, 2021 8:37 pm


Funny about that
The throttle body gets full of crapola thanks to EGR

As you have learnt it will gum up the throttle body and cause issues
Sooner or later the EGR valve itself will also pack it in and case even more issues
The link above is the relearn process

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