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Recommendations for 90,000 km service, eastern suburbs Melbourne

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Lancer Learner
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Recommendations for 90,000 km service, eastern suburbs Melbourne

Postby LuckyLancer » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:44 pm

Hi everyone!

I have a CVT Lancer Lx 2013 and live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. My lancer is due for the 90,000km service. It only has 70,000km on it because my warranty start date was early, hence shifting my entire maintenance schedule forward. I also had the CVT fluid replaced at 56,000km due to degradation of the fluid causing whining sounds (I had no idea how I caused this, maybe playing with sports mode too much?) so I do not need the transmission fluid replaced at this service.

I've never had it serviced outside Eastside Mitsubishi. I was quoted 'approx $750' for the 90,000km service without transmission service.

Should I stick with Eastside? Has anyone else had experiences with them? I've had mixed experiences with them but generally didn't find them very pushy so I've become quite comfortable with them. Though once I was recommended an upper cylinder clean for 'carbon build up' which I declined because I got a little suspicious..

Otherwise, does anyone have any recommendations for a better and more competitively priced shop in the eastern suburbs?

I love my Lancer to bits but I only have basic automotive knowledge so would prefer a good, honest mechanic with good reputation as I'd probably struggle telling an upsell from a genuine recommendation. Sorry to be difficult, but this stage I'm not willing to provide my own consumables.

Thanks so much in advance, I'm fairly stumped at the moment and would love to learn from you lot!


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Re: Recommendations for 90,000 km service, eastern suburbs Melbourne

Postby bumblebee » Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:00 pm

I have never understood why people move service schedule around
If the car has 70,000 Kay's on it , do the 70,000 K service on it

Replace the transmission fluid every 20,000 Kay's. The tranny specialist I saw last year recommended it.

Have a hunt around and see if you have a "rapid tune" franchise near by. I have been using them for sometime now and found them to be very competitive and bloody good customer service. The best thing about them , they keep the full service history on oc and no matter what shop you use of theirs , no need to explain everything cos they have the lot in front of them
Bloody magic mate
They use Gulf Western oils , the great Australian.
I don't have a problem with their full synthetic oil either. And Gulf Western also are major sponsor of one of my favourite motor sport , Drag Racing , so more then happy to buy their products.
Rapid tune from the dealing I had with them usually over quote on a job and o'er quote on time.
Which is awesome , cos it costs you less then what they said and less time then they said too.
They will wash you car if you ask and give you a Lift in a 5 kilometres radius or give.you credit for a Uber ride.
They will call you once the job is done and let you know how.much it was and if there is anything they recommend that needs to be looking at in near future.
And they treat women very well. There is a number of places I have been where they treat women drivers like idiot's and rip them off. These guys don't do that, not what I have seen or experienced anyway
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