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Replacement Fuel Filter?

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Re: Replacement Fuel Filter?

Postby benyamin » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:00 pm

I believe the second pipe on the Z991 is for the fuel return line from the regulator on the fuel rail of turbo models. The Z924 / Pump (NA) assembly includes the regulator and spills back inside the tank and so has no fuel return line to connect. It also includes a fuel gauge sender unit... The Z991 has no sender unit (it is a separate unit under the RH inspection panel on the 4B11T / RA / Evo) and also requires you to disconnect a suction pipe inside the tank not present on NA tanks...

Turbo tanks are supposed to be 55L and NA tanks are supposed to be 59L - unless that's a typo in the TIM. I've never filled with more than 49L from "empty"... I only have info till MY11 so YMMV.

CORRECTION: Turbo's have a 55L tank, not a 50L tank. Corrected in text as no strike-through enabled...

P.S. Turbos also have a pre-filter on the end of the suction pipe fitted inside the tank. You'd have to put your arm right in to get to it...!
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