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Door Vibrations

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Re: Door Vibrations

Postby sarusa » Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:19 am

ReeceCozaa wrote:Does a little bit on the doors make a big difference sarusa?

Yes so long as its not too little but just about any thing will make a difference. Certainly no need to cover most or all of the panel.

Tap the drivers side, side panel of the boot noting the noise. Lift your boot lid and remove the drivers side inside cover, its easy.
stick some sound deadener sheet or spray or brush on, on the side panel and tap the panel again. Give yourself a surprise as to the difference.
Along with a more pleasant up market thud, rather then a clank, when you close the boot

Along with lightweight foam sheets sound proof the boot and boot lid and be able to have a conversation at a normal or sub-dude level.

If you live in Melbourne as I do. I have a heap of sound proofing you or anyone can have for free. pick up only.
As I no longer have a car and do not intend getting another.

send me a PM preferably with phone number if you wish and I'll reply.

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Re: Door Vibrations

Postby ReeceCozaa » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:05 pm

Damn looks like I’ll be investing in some soon, wanna beat some of the ambient noise outside especially my exhaust so improve myaudio system inside
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