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ClubCJ or Facebook?

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ClubCJ or Facebook?

Postby sarusa » Wed May 30, 2018 11:56 am

Note somewhere in these forums someone mentioning how active Facebook was.
Well Just a reminder. Be appreciated if those cub members, using it would take the
time to add their new found goodies back to the club for those of us that don't use
Facebook but prefer to use and assist this great club. Your club, that has no dought,
given you heaps!!!! :D

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Re: ClubCJ or Facebook?

Postby Quismiff » Wed May 30, 2018 12:42 pm

From what I can ascertain from the left over threads and stickies in the forum the Facebook page became popular after a Victorian member was sent on his way for what ever reason, being before my time I can not comment or allude to the goings on around it, but it would look to me like a lot of sympathetic members then went with them, or they chose to start something on their own.

So in reality the Club CJ forum would stand as the official representation of the club. There would be nothing stopping previous members from coming back and getting more information as that is their right as a previous contributor, IP bans, and username bans only work for so long with the ease of getting a new temporary email to register on a forum, and IP addresses being relatively easy to change through VPNs or "hide my IP" apps. the only way to keep them out completely would be to go back to a membership style club to be able to lock down all the forums again, but that could turn away possible new members as joining a facebook page is a simple click, no "membership" involved.

I too prefer phpBB as there isn't random ads everywhere... If there is my ad blocker is working well...

To slide back on topic, when I joined the club forum here I had looked into the facebook page, but it is a closed group, and my experience with facebook groups is they are no where near as organised as a forum, so the information available here was a straight win over the possibility of joining a facebook group. so thank you to all members past and present. and here is to the future *tea*
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