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Funniest/most memorable job memories

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Funniest/most memorable job memories

Postby Ronan.Butler11 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:58 pm

hey guys, im approaching trial exams so i need something to bring up my spirits, and i can only watch so many drift compilations and dog videos, so here i am haha

i work in retail so the amount of idiots and interesting things that happen are brilliant, wanted to hear some of your stories from anywhere.

2 most memorable for me
1- Junkie threatening to bash my head in because i couldnt lift 3600x1200mm plasterboard sheet by myself (twas a midget 15 year old)
2- green p plater and middle aged bloke had a punch up in the carpark - they opened their doors at the same time into each other.

your turn guys/gals. dont care how anticlimactic they are, if you remember them, post 'em.
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Re: Funniest/most memorable job memories

Postby bumblebee » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:15 pm

I can remember many many moons ago when i was a teenager in my first job there was a security guard who thought we knew a thing about electronic devices .
For me to get in and out of one of our clients driveways we had to go thru the gste where this "knowit all" worked.
He loved to ask all kinds of silly questions and i eventually gave up giving decent answers and started feeding him all kinds of crap and to my amazement he bought every word i said so i thought thats cool i wonder how long i csn keep this going and how silly my answers can get with out him "waking up" to the fact im having a lend of him.
One day i went to the particular client place and he stopped me like usual and asked where in goijg what im doing yada yada normal stuff.
Told him what he needed to know and went o my way and repaired the device and stopped at his guard box on the way out the gate and old mate asked "what did you do to fix it"
I told him i reset the e . . m ... yous

He looked at me and scratched his heard and went "oh yeah the e m yous yeah cool"

And i rolled my eyes and left

Upon arrival back at work i had a chat to my boss and the rest of my fellow coworkers and let them know what I did and we wanted to see how long we could keep it up with the

Resetting of the

E m yous

If your wondering what am e m yous is. They are an australian bird that can not fly usually called an Emu. Lmao

So this went on for months and months and months. Anytime we went thru the gate he said something like " oh yeah is the device faulty ahain that needs the emu's reset again"
Our answer " yes mate yes the emus are faulty and need to be reset. We may even have to replace the emus with new ones if it keeps this up" and other silly answers along this long.

He eventually left his job and moved on to greener pastures and to the best of my knowledge nobody ever told him what the e m yous were.

Comedy gold

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