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Vic meet up end of April 2018

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Re: Vic meet up end of April 2018

Postby sarusa » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:31 am

Mooman wrote:It was good to have a poke around in your cars to see a few more differences I wasn't aware of such as the foam blocks in engine bay, rubber caps on bolts in boot and sump guard covering oil filter.

Now I just want to see a greater range of years and trims to see what is due to age (MY12 refresh) or just ES vs VRX etc.

Foam blocks in engine bay! Sounds interesting,presumably to cut engine noise. Concern is interruption to airflow in the bay
and moisture retention. Pictures would be great!!! :?
I used some in between, under side of bonnet and original attempt, replacing the original back, covering my efforts.
Besides anything else it does keep the bonnet cooler saving possible paint deterioration.

A lot of engine noise coming into the cabin enters through the windscreen. Thin glass. Most cars have a seal running right across
where the rear of the bonnet sits, while closed but in our cars it does not and can't due to the positioning of the hinges
In an earlier car I even ran seals down either side on ridge from the rear seal to the front for about 20cm it worked.
Noticed early Rolls Royce's did this!!!!!! Currently working on trying to overcome this in my car, lancer of course with mixed results
Problem with just cutting across from the existing edge of the strip to the sides causes blockage to drainage below windscreen.

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