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idea im testing....

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Postby SXLancerMum » Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:29 am

Meaty wrote:Dont get me wrong Jacqueline, its definatley horrid.... but i had to do it in photoshop just so i could see it. otherwise i would of been left wondering if i could pull it off.

I understand that. I was just letting it be known that I too think it's disgusting. If someone actually did that to their car I'd cry. Poor car. Cruelty to cars. Shouldn't be done.

Now blacking out and making it all Evo-y is yummy :) Hubby won't let me make mine all blacked and chrome and super sexy. Oh well. Just have to settle for your basic sexy Lancer eh :) I would like to put the chrome around the grill though.

Saw a sexy red Aspire the other day down the street. Noticed it immediately cause we don't have one in town. We do have a red ES though. I liked the chrome around the grill on the Aspire. I was trying to look at it through the back window after I went past and my bloody spoiler was in the way :)

I do love my spoiler though. I wasn't getting a new car unless it had one :D Eldests girlfriends mother asked my daughter if my car had a spoiler and she said yes. The woman looked slightly strange (apparently older mother types aren't supposed to have them or something) and asked if it was big enough to hang your washing on. We both said at the same time "yessss". She thinks I'm mad. Well it's big enough anyway. They're not little ones that you can hardly see that's for sure. Not as big as the Evo ones but still biggish. I could probably hang my washing on it :)

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