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Evo X Welcome Pack- SPOILERS INSIDE!

Evo X Performance & Modifications.

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Postby S&JDowling » Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:44 pm

WASABI wrote:
mr_evo wrote:believe me, you do pay for it in the price of your car :P

Oh I have no doubts about that... But that didn't stop us from buying one did it ;)

So I'm going to think of it as a free gift :P - Remember, ignorance is bliss :lol:

Just for info, outside of Mitsubishi & Porsche, I have never received a welcome pack that wasn't more then a chamios & key ring :P

Joanne got a welcome pack last week after a few months of owning the VRX.
When I got my SS commodore I got 4 stubby holders, leather CD case, Bottle opener, Box of chocolates, bottle of champagne and a car cleaning pack. Every time the SS goes in for a service I get a bag of lollies left on the front seat :P
Black MY11 VRX

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Postby mr_evo » Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:58 pm

lol nice, well I never goto Mitsu for service, thats probably why they don't like me :) I can't remember if I got a carbon fibre pen or not.... My pack is up in my closet

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