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Postby SAM-24A » Sat Nov 07, 2009 4:08 pm

Firstly I'd like to commend Ofey for arranging ARS in Malaysia as a new Club CJ sponsor. His business sense and negotiation skills with regard to sourcing and pricing of parts should be apreciated by all who have or intend to purchase through him.

I purchased ARS HL front and rear lips from the Aust agents in Perth ( http://www.arsbodykits.com.au/ ) early this year. They are both one piece, not two piece, brand new just like the ones shown in Ofeys earlier post. However I never fitted them to my car because of my wifes reluctance to changing the original appearance of the car. So to avoid any marital arguments I left them in my garage.

I've had some inquiries from members in Aderlaide & Brisbane whom I thank, but because the lips are 1 piece, the cost of packing & posting is simply not worth it. They originally cost me $250 each + $150 (1 week)road freight = $600.

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Postby qudans » Sat Nov 07, 2009 4:46 pm

Good deal, would be on to it if I was in Sydney.

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Postby ofey » Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:50 pm

I thank Sam for his compliments. Much as you think I've done a good job for this club, there have been many a case where I've been accused of profiteering and also NOT doing what's right.

On the point of how we've circumvented the Australian distributors which has been claimed to lead to loss of income for local re-sellers of overseas brands, I'd like to use this post to clarify my position.

In my daily job, I retrofit University Research Labs and I have a skill for negotiation and sourcing. This was what out president and I agreed about and I work to my strengths, so the result was this role as Chief Buyer.

My loyalty lies to this club. Not a commercial organisation. I am here to act as a protection from unscrupulous mark ups. Yes I recognise that in all of these cases, it is someone's rice bowl as we call it which is hurt when we go out of Australia and parallel import items but there are some items which are marked up to silly levels. More than what I find is acceptable.

You cannot accuse me of parallel importing everything. Our recent group buy of the Dynamat proves I source locally first and if the price is reasonable, I keep the money on these shores. However in many cases, such as with Ultra Racing and ARS, we have to take it overseas as the local mark up is simply too much.

Now my position has recently been compromised as we owe a duty of care to sponsors who have paid subscriptions and we need to look after their business interests. However, bear in mind that these people also need to make a cut. In my case, I have my own rice bowl which puts food on my table.

My organisation of group buys is my contribution to this club. It is my service to this club and its paid members. I will now be re-implementing the A$5 levy for non-premium members on purchases as a strict requirement. Each member of your committee contributes something in their own way.

Now back to your listing here, this is not allowed. With ARS now a sponsor of this club, there is a direct conflict of interest. Furthermore, this section of the forum is not for sales. Additionally, you need to meet the minimum requirements for selling on this forum which is 30 posts.

If you need to query this further, please feel free to msg any of the Snr Mods or Committee.

I am now locking this thread and editing out your sales pitch.
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