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ClubCJ's stance on Personal Domestic Issues

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ClubCJ's stance on Personal Domestic Issues

Postby blade888 » Sun May 02, 2010 11:40 am


ClubCJ's stance on personal Domestic relationship issues is that they should not be brought into the Club environment and its members. This is a CJ Lancer Car club, not a battleground for member's personal issues.
As Liaison Officer for ClubCJ members for ClubCJ issues, these personal domestic issues are out of my jurisdiction to deal with. I will not resolve the domestic dispute nor discuss it as getting involved in a member's personal domestic issue is not my place.

Couple of times, members have brought in these Domestic Personal Issues into the club in the past 10 months, and it causes the following damage:

1. Causes rifts in the Club community and segregates people into groups which each person takes sides
2. Assumptions and are made about each person's statements and actions. Thus falsely fabricated conclusions are then drawn from this and hearsay ensues.
3. The club ends up losing members or breaks our great online community spirit thus ruining the club itself for all members.
4. The issue gets greatly drawn out of proportion. "Making a mountain from a mole hill"

Penalties to the following:

1. If you are found to be bringing a domestic dispute into ClubCJ threads or by contacting members about its details.
2. If you are found to be getting involved and inciting someone else’s domestic dispute.

Will incur one formal warning and second offence will be an immediate suspension until further notice

Best things you can do as members:

1. If you have a domestic issue, don't bring it into the club or get its members involved with it.
2. Ignore and stay out of any in thread domestic disputes you see, report them to the admin team. The admin team will remove posts related to this and address each party of the dispute to keep it out of ClubCJ.
3. If you are contacted by someone regarding a Domestic dispute or any related topic:
A. Politely say you're sorry to hear it, you don't want any details and don't want to be involved in it.
B. Simply ignore and delete the message.

We are simply trying to keep the Club and its members happy and out of needless issues they don't need to be affected by nor has anything to do with the Club in general.

Looking out for you the members and the Club's Health,


Blade888 on behalf of the Admin Team
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