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Nominations for 2017/18 CCJ Committee - **OPEN**

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Nominations for 2017/18 CCJ Committee - **OPEN**

Postby JustinR » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:04 pm

As per our club constitution, we need to have yearly elections to vote in a new committee. As part of that process, all members have a chance to nominate themselves and other members for various positions.

We'll follow the same process for nominating as we have in the past.

The process in brief
7 day nomination period - all SELF and PEER nominations must occur in this timeframe.
3-4 days to compile nominations, notify nominees and have a commitment, 72 hrs of this will be for nominees to consider which nomination(s) they wish to accept and time to configure the votes on SurveyMonkey.
7 days for the elections to be run.
Results announced.
Positions being filled are conditional on passing relevant checks.

***All members will be able to participate in the nominations cycle AND voting.***

To nominate someone please click on this link

Note: Once you have submitted your post, you would normally be re-directed to your post, but because the nominations sub-forum is locked from display during the nominations period, you will get a message along the lines telling you, you can't view the sub forum. Please be assured that your submission has been accepted.

During the 7 day nomination period - the nominations will be kept private, with the exception for admin, no one will be able to see any of the posts in the "Nominations 2017" sub-forum whilst the nominations process is in flight.

The main reasons for this approach to "blind" nominations is;
* to get around people being slack/complacent - if you can't see if your preferred choice has been already nominated, would you risk not making an effort to ensure they were nominated?;
* encourage members to nominate a candidate that's different to what's already been put forward - gives a bit variety to the electoral race - if people see the incumbent or a popular candidate being nominated, members may be less inclined to put their suggestion forward;

At the conclusion of the nominations period, all nominees will be approached via PM and advised of what positions they have been nominated for. They will have 72 hours to decide if and which of the nomination(s) they wish to accept prior to going to elections.

Once all the nominees have responded within the 72 hrs, accepted and committed to running in the elections, the "Nominations 2017" sub-forum will be released for public view but all threads locked to prevent editing.

The nominees once accepting a nomination or self-nominating cannot pull out of the election. No further nominations will be accepted unless there were no nominations for a position to start off with with no pre-existing elected individual holding that position.

At the same time the "Candidate Showcase" sub-forum will be opened with a thread for each nominee. It will allow each nominee to make their pitch to the members, why they should be elected over another candidate running for the same position, and I hope outline what plans they have for the club and members. Members can also ask their questions. This will be opened prior to elections and remain open during the elections.

Why the "blind" nomination process?
Simple. I do not want fresh talent some how feeling intimidated by virtue that they only got 2 nominations over someone else's 10 nominations, or the situation where perhaps they feel like they are "stealing" a position over the incumbent who's been around longer and feel that the competitor is somehow more "deserving" of the position over them. No one is "entitled" to a position.
*It also encourages members to nominate individuals without being put off if they see a large number of nominations for an alternative nominee.
*It stops candidates from being scared off by whom they are competing against or bow out early because they think their competitor is going to be a "shoe in/deserves it/is better than them/etc"

Positions that are available

Executive team
Administrator (Forum & Club) - to be a primarily a technical and administrative role
Chief Buyer

6 x State Representatives for;

For details of the positions, read the constitution section relating to "Annual Elections" - the document is located here constitution.pdf
Questions? If you still have questions, ask them here.

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