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CCJ Release of AuDM NA Lancer Definition Files

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Re: CCJ Release of AuDM NA Lancer Definition Files

Postby yukbumer » Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:19 pm

i was just under the impression they were all available...?

but i would like one of each to see what there like... just curious more than anything

the 4b12 engine is what i currently have :)

aspir3 wrote:
yukbumer wrote:i was hoping to get all of them, if thats possible?

or at least:
53770004 = MY09 4B12 MT
54760002 = MY10 4B11 MT

aspir3 wrote:Which one are you after?

Why do you want all of them?
Are you a business . If you only have 1 lancer then you will only need that one.

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