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Whiteline Group Buy and Repco Orders with SIR-VRX

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Lancer Evolution
Lancer Evolution
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Postby blade888 » Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:29 pm

Well things calmed down, and became constructive as Per Sams post earlier in this thread as well.

Another issue was brought up by affected members which would involve Adrian spending more time fielding questions and resolving. This has in turned been retracted for the time being to allow Adrian to focus on time to get money returned to affected members.

Adrian has spoken to his bank today and will be signing paper work tomorrow apparently. No ETA -date/time- wise as to recieving money.
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Postby Mr Bishi » Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:46 pm

ofey wrote:Paul: I take on board your concerns about the group buy methodology and will be sure to implement some changes to the current system.

In defence of the old system, we've had a system which has worked fine for over A$50,000 worth of transactions. My losses are NOT great enough for me to raise an eyelid. It barely amouts to 2.5% of the total expenditure amount.

To date none of those partaking in group buys organised by me have ever lost out on their money or their parts. This is a one off occurrence and it is important that the membership pool doesn't over play it to making it out to be MORE than it is. Companies deal not with the club as they don't want further complication of their sales system. They deal with individuals. PMR deals with me. Not ClubCJ. They don't care what happens here. They take an order from me process it and I pay up when I collect the parts.

There are draw backs to the dual signatory system like increased paperwork and at times the amounts we deal with make it really unecessary for this to happen.

I am keen to continue group buys under my control and to do this, I propose a trust account. Since I've begun these group buys, rarely does the cost of the items and postage exceed A$5,000 at any one time. So to set peoples minds at ease, why don't I open a trust account in my name and one other administrator here in Melbourne (Now what would happen if both of us were to abscond?)

If I abscond, you can use that to recover your funds. However, I will keep whatever interest that account makes since that is my money. Fair deal?
I know a new system will protect me further but I am of the opinion that I want the world to realise trust is earned and returned by me and prove to all of you this is a one off.

I am not against change but not at the expense of added complications.

For the moment, I beg everyone's indulgence to wait till this matter is closed before we begin a period of re-structuring. We can discuss the group buy system further then.

Further do not confuse the group buy system with club funds you pay as membership. The club funds are overseen by an elected treasurer in a dual signatory account.

The club funds will NEVER be used to patch over a group buy shortfall or in this case.

This makes me feel better about the whole mess, Ofey. Thanks for posting it.
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Postby jamez707 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:41 pm

it would not be my place to comment on this GB because i was not involved but i was a ever so small part of the first instance that has been mentioned i just wanted to thank the people that have been devoting alot of their time to resolving this ishue and uncovering the truth in the fist place. and i am sure they are doing what they can to resolve the problem.

also i have been a member of this club since close to the start and have been involved in group buys before. i just wanted to point out again the great lengths that ofey has gone to to insure secure and successful transactions on many occasions. alot of the suggestions some members have made are already standard procedure for ofeys group buys.

lastly (rant) i just wanted to say thank you to all the new members that posted and looked at this with an open mind
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