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YL-388 relay fog light wiring harness relay conversion

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YL-388 relay fog light wiring harness relay conversion

Postby bumblebee » Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:10 pm

If you pickup an eBay kit to setup fog lights for your car , there's a good chance the wiring harness will have the YL-388 relay in it.
The YL-388 is a pest at the best of times , simply cos it's frustrating to find a replacement for and when you do , the replacement relay is usually not cheap.
So , the solution is to replace the socket with a standard relay base and therefore make your life so much easier to find and purchase replacement relay down the track.
I have documented the process here for you all


This makes zero difference if the wiring harness is for a Mitsubishi or Toyota or Kia or whatever. This will work and save you time , money and frustration down the track.

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