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window tint

Lancer Interior Modifications.

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window tint

Postby bumblebee » Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:23 am

Have a good look at your lancer windows
Are they tinted?
Was it tinted when you bought it?
Does the tint look like it is a light shade of grey ?
I have seen plenty like this getting around and even car yards make a big deal out if the fact the car has tinted windows and charge you extra for it.
The sad case is that even though the window is tinted the tint itself is cheap nasty garbage to begin with.
Not only does it look horrible but it does almost zero to reduce cabin temps in the first place and that's one of the main reason you do it.
And if you live in Sunny Qld the laws were changed to allow darker legal tinting.
If you live in the NT you have the privilege of having the darkest legal tint anywhere in Australia.
You can go darker then legal if you wish.
There is tinting places that will do it if you ask for it.
However be aware that when you do get pulled over and your tinting is tested and found to be not street legal you will be fined for it.
Not the company who installed it.
The company who installed it gets away Scott free.
So go hunting and looking at windows tinting from a Decent supplier near you.
Read your local laws and find out what you can and can't do.
Keep an eye out for special discount and you can have the whole car redone with old tint remove and new tint laid down for under $450 and It is oh so worthy of being done

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