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setup stereo header unit to amp correctly

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setup stereo header unit to amp correctly

Postby bumblebee » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:34 pm

Gday guys
I learnt something new today while getting my fusion amp replacement done to an alpine.

The door speakers i have are the jaycar 6.5 inch kevlar responce speakers rated at 75WRMS and 4 ohm
So if we do 75 times 4 we get 300
Do a square root of 300 and we get 17.3volts
So with the speakers disconnect from the amp.the header unit to flat response and it playing a test tone of 1Khz at 0dB and with the header unit volume set to full bore .set gain on amp to zero.put an AC multimter across the speaker out put and slowly wind up the gain on the amp till you hit 17volts.
Wind the volume down on the header unit and remove the test tone and power it.all off and plug the speaker leads in the header unit and power it up again
Enjoy your stereo in all its awesomeness and you wont turn your speakers to a molten pool of mess

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